At Alternate Business Strategies, we work with Business Owners in developing and implementing their strategy and exit.

Business owners need a sounding board and then someone to help implement their strategic business and exit plans.  Examples include:

  • Employee Share Ownership – both as a reward and business-building strategy
  • Business Planning – developing goals and required actions
  • Communication – whether it be internal with your team or external with customers
  • Leadership – for both owners and valued team leaders
  • Funding – Negotiating with banks and other financiers
  • Insurance – understanding risks and solutions
  • Taxation – ensuring compliance needs are being met
  • Accounting – timely Management Reports
  • Legal – matching the right professional to the task
  • Investment – understanding and developing a plan
  • Succession – transition and exit strategies

We support these areas both with our own experience and with the resources of other professionals we have developed relationships with over time.

Our Vision

To see a smile on our clients face as they achieve their goals


Grow our clients businesses and then facilitate an attractive exit.


“People acting together as a group can accomplish things which no other individual acting alone could ever hope to bring about” 

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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