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Exit Planning

Exiting a business either by Family Succession – Management buyout or Selling a business for the best price requires planning.

Just like when selling a house – a review of the current value, along with the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats need to be reviewed and appraised.

Developing an exit plan as part of the overall business strategy is important if the business is to continue and prosper in the medium to longer term.

Employee Share Ownership / Option Plans

Employee Share Ownership or Option Plans are possible tools to engage with your team to build grow and manage the business.

Sharing the load of the hard work and benefits needed creates a collegial work environment where team members begin to think and act like business owners.

There are many types of plans so careful planning to meet everyone’s expectations is necessary. For example, they are:

  • Start-up Plans
  • Deferred Tax Plans
  • Phantom Share Plans
  • Success-based Option Plans
  • Performance Based Plans